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Testimonial with Ange

A testimonial from Ange, who lost many cm’s and bloating.


Testimonial with Carol

A testimonial from Carol who has lost 2 dress sizes in 12 weeks and improved her life dramatically after training with Kate.


Testimonial with Jemma

Meet Jemma, who saw great results after training with Kate and Teena in the Semi-Private Sessions.


Testimonial with Lisa

Meet Lisa who after only several weeks lost size and feels amazing.


Testimonial from Tamara

Wow, I was going to message you today and say thanks for being so amazingly patient. I am fine and none of my joints are sore after the session. I never saw value in Personal Training before, but after just a few weeks I feel its invaluable in my road to recovery and strength.


Testimonial – Muffin Top Gone!

Muffin Top Gone!When I first met Kate, I told her ‘If you ask me to eat only Vegetables, I will not let you be my trainer because I have no time for cooking fancy healthy food.’

However, I lost 6% of fat over 12 weeks with massive positive changes in my life. Despite 50 busy working hours a week plus studying. I now know how to cook guilt-free healthy (Kate’s version, not what I thought) meals for the whole week within 2 hours.

I have also become more motivated to leading a healthier lifestyle. I’ve enjoyed losing my muffin top and now I need to spend money on new clothes!

Dr T. M.


Mother of 4 – who didn’t ‘need’ a personal trainer, went from a size 12 to size 9 after working with Kate

I was a cardio junkie going to the gym 5-6 times per week, so I didn’t need someone to tell me what to do, but more to reign me in and I was reasonably happy with my weight, size and level of fitness.  When I first met with Kate my hope was to never to feel my age and to be as good as I could be, and also to give me some direction with my training.

Not needing to be ‘trained’, Kate gave me a tailored program which included decreasing the amount of cardio I was doing and incorporating a weights program, as well as talking about nutrition.  Even though I wasn’t overweight, I did like to eat rubbish, but thought that due to the amount of training I did it would be OK.  Kate made me began to think about the food I ate and what affect it had on me.  I started by making small changes.  I didn’t realise the importance of good nutrition and are amazed by the differences it has made.  How I eat now is vastly different to how I use to, and my diet is has continued to improve with ideas from Kate and my increased knowledge.  With all the benefits I have gained from my change of eating and exercise habits, I know this will be a lifelong change.

When I began with Kate I was a size 12.  Now I am about a size 9 in just several months.   I am leaner and my legs have trimmed down (amazingly).  The biggest difference has been my energy levels.  I wake up early most mornings and go to the gym and maintain the energy throughout the day, and at night I sleep like the dead and I wake up refreshed.

I am a 39 year old mother of 4 that works full time.  All of my children are involved in after school activities so it came down to priorities and time management.  This is something I had to do for me, I have become more selfish but I feel my whole family has benefited from the ‘new’ me.

Working with Kate has given me the confidence to try new things.  I am currently training for the Melbourne Marathon, which is not something that I would have ever thought I would have.  I now realise that I can do anything if I set my mind to it.

Jo Noyes

Chris Liberiou Recovers from back pain Director, Kidstuff

As a relatively fit and health 34 year old I was suffering from an occasional yet painful back problem attributed to an injury sustained in my late teens. Spending more time sitting at my desk in an office environment was compounding this problem. My old workout techniques and routine was simply not helping strengthen the right muscles; actually the amount of sit-ups I was doing was adding to my problems.

Kate Martin reassessed my whole routine which included reviewing my dietary intake, water consumption, flexibility, work hours, general stress levels, back problem and my exercise routine. Needless to say I was in a workout rut; attributing minimal health benefits despite my effort. Since consulting Kate Martin my back has been strengthened as too has my core body strength; in general my entire level of fitness has increased.

I highly recommend Kate Martin to anyone looking to improve their general state of health, fitness, in particular increased strength for targeted muscle groups with the view to prevent re-occurring pain and injury. Kate is a real professional in every way towards her clients and chosen profession.


Sue Duncan, now enjoys exercise and knows how to ‘lose fat’

As an ‘over 40’ woman I began to notice it was harder to maintain my weight and muscle tone and when I returned to the gym and started working with you I’d almost resigned myself to accepting the ageing process…not any more! Overall I’ve lost 4cms on my hips, 3 on my waist, and 3 on my chest…and as I said, I haven’t even stuck to the diet 100%, and I’ve been through the Xmas new year period without holding back. I’m lifting heavier weights than I’d ever imagined I could and I haven’t bulked up at all. I have no idea how much I weigh because I never set foot on the scales (something I used to do daily…and that would determine my mood for the day).

I’d highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to get results in their workouts whilst working with a fantastic trainer & a great group of people supporting each other.

Thanks guys, looking forward to my next workout…something I wouldn’t have said 6 months ago!


The golfer gets strong, loses over 10 kg

Being a professional golfer, fitness is a major aspect of the game. I personally knew very little about training and fitness when I started seeing Kate and I was a little anxious about the whole situation but from my first session I felt very comfortable with Kate as she was a true professional herself and knew what she was talking about.

My golf improved dramatically through core strengthening and a change in my posture which is the key to a solid golf swing. I had previous troubles of getting tired towards the end of my round but the training that Kate had me doing it improved my fitness levels and I was feeling like I could go for another round.

Not only did Kate help me with my fitness she also helped me with the food. She advised me which foods to eat and avoid to gain the most out of my body and I found this was the best part of our partnership as I had a poor diet. This got me great results and I managed to lose over 10kg.

By far the best part of the training sessions is the ongoing help that she gives me. Even though we are in different states now, I can ask any question anytime & she will always get back to me with a great answer! I would highly recommend Kate to ANYONE for personal training coaching.

Brent Dale Pro Golfer

Unsolvable injury solved and weightloss at the same time

I had the privilege of training with Kate Martin for ten sessions which was paid for through insurance. Kate not only transformed my body but also my life and lifestyle which I am unbelievably grateful for. I was referred to Kate from another trainer due to a shoulder injury not repairing.

The sessions with Kate were the first time I spotted real improvement in two and a half years. The amount of information Kate generously gave each session was so informative and inspiring, I used to be excited before each session as to what I would learn that day! Kate not only gave me a wide range of stretching and strength programs to improve the shoulder, she also examined my diet and lifestyle.

Like a detective Kate identified major elements that all the other practitioners I had seen had missed. The bonus was losing weight which I have been trying to lose for a year!!! I feel great, am armed with so much information, which I can apply forever and I am extremely grateful.

Katie Dithcburn Actress/Dancer


Testimonial from Jill Kravinchuk

At the gym, I noticed Kate right away. Her approach was different than all the other trainers. Other trainers seem to use the same techniques and exercises with all their clients, whereas Kate appeared to really “connect” with her clients and work with them based on their individual goals and needs. I was impressed before we even met.

Kate’s approach to training, health and wellness was/is ideal for a person like me. I had the drive and desire to “work out” but lacked the knowledge on how to improve and get out of my routine (or lack of routine) so I could focus on my real goal, which was to “get healthy”. The first key learning was during the initial assessment. My measurements were linked to my stress, fatigue and overall wellness level and weight was not a factor. This was difficult for me (and still is actually) but Kate has taught me that focusing on “losing” weight can have an overall negative effect on my thoughts, health and does not truly reflect overall “wellness” (because, of course, muscle weighs more than fat). Kate reassessed my measurements every 6 weeks or so and that was proof to me that everything is linked – stress, fatigue, health, wellness. When I was feeling my best, my measurements and overall health reflected this and my stress and fatigue levels were minimal.

As I have moved back to Canada now, I definitely see all the benefits Kate brought into my training and my overall health. I have a new trainer now here in Canada so I can honestly say that Kate is STAR and I miss her terribly! Her ability to connect with her clients and understated way to educating the benefits of good nutrition and overall wellness are outstanding.


Testimonial from Dr Sarah Smith – Osteopath

Being an allied health practitioner, and seeing many different person trainers in the past, I can positively say that Kate and Tina put amazing effort into their sessions, using the most recent clinical research to design exercise programs. They take into consideration clients injuries & fitness levels, as well as make clients accountable & assist them along the way to reach their goals when ever it is needed. Kates nutritional knowledge is second to none! She is constantly researching for best practise, and take into acount not only diet, but hormone changes as well. This is such an important factor for people, and its fantastic to meet a trainer that is taking it into account.

I joined Kate’s group training to gain strength back after having twins last year, and not only did I get it back, but I am the strongest I have ever been. Along with this, the change in nutrition that Kate assisted me with has given me the energy to run around after my girls, as well as have a well balanced lifestyle with family, work & fitness.

Thanks Kate & Teena!

Dr Sarah Smith
Osteopath – Blackburn North, & Richmond VIC


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