1. kate

    Neck or shoulder issues? This might help

    A while ago I made a video series on rehabilitation exercises for the shoulder and neck. If you have any neck or shoulder problems give these exercises a go… And of course see a professional for manual therapy if things don’t start to get better by themselves within a week...
  2. kate

    Is fat gain caused by Nutrient deficiencies?

    It’s been a while since I wrote to you, so I hope you are doing well?! xx For some reason as far as weight loss is concerned this topic keeps coming up for me. Maybe it’s just like how when you look out for a white car you want to...
  3. kate

    Smoothie or Juice?

    Get the goodness into any way you can, I say…. I used to say, NO DON’T BLEND THINGS be careful as the blender heats the goodness and destroys the mitsi-goblets which hurts your dna and chromosomes, and the juicer does the same thing and destroys the nutrients unless you get a...
  4. kate

    Has your thinking got you paralyzed?

    Do you think too much before taking action? Below are 5 steps to get over your paralysis by analysis. I’m sure you have heard the expression.. Analysing things to make sure the steps you are going to take are actually the right ones and that you won’t fail when you do...
  5. kate

    Running Guide for Camp Quality and Run Melbourne July 26th

    Disclaimer: Always consult your doctor before undertaking any exercise program. This program does not account for, intend to treat or diagnose any individual injuries and/or illnesses. Gearing up for the Run Melbourne 5km -21km on July 26th. Plus raising funds for the Camp Quality team. See the links below so you...

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