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Kate Martin - Personal Trainer

Kate Martin is a vibrant teacher, facilitator, program creator, writer and entrepreneur specializing in the area of weight loss and abundant health.

She is a Personal Trainer, Remedial Massage Therapist, Certified in Nutrition and is a corrective high performance Kinesiologist. Kate has undergone rigorous training over many years in body centered therapies, including both the CHEK and Poliquin methodology. She has a deep knowledge base and holistic understanding of the way the body-mind influences health.

She is the creator of a successful 12-week online fat loss course, and over the years has helped thousands of clients lose weight and feel amazing thorough this and also face to face. Her innovative techniques are endorsed by medical practitioners and are bringing health and vitality to people from all walks of life.

Over the past 16 years she has worked with a range of people from high level athletes to postnatal women, and through her own personal journey with injuries and the challenges of losing weight after the birth of her child, she understands what it’s like to have setbacks.

“I gained 40 kilos when I was pregnant. I was tiny before and it took me forever to lose the weight. I discovered a combination of nutrient deficiencies; my mindset and adrenal depletion were keeping me fat. Once I addressed this and lost my ‘fat story’ after undergoing personal development work, the weight just fell off.”

Kate is a personal training mentor and has trained 100’s of Personal Trainers across Australia, in person and through her online courses.

Deeply motivated and passionate about the body, health and nutrition she has a thorough and integral knowledge of the body and wellness.


More detail..

Kate worked in the IT industry for several years and would rise at 4am to go to the gym before work. Working long hours sitting at a desk took its toll on her body and she developed back issues. An earlier back injury flared up and sent her on a personal journey of study and work to try and rehabilitate her neck and back.

She started Personal Training and then bought a massage clinic. Her search for knowledge continued and she spent a year studying anatomy and massaging people, gaining a tactile sense of the body. Kate developed a niche of treating injuries and ran core classes in local gyms also working as a personal trainer.

She facilitates her services through face-to-face courses, seminars and retreats and courses including the 12-week challenges and also conducts one on one online coaching.

Kate is a magnetic, encouraging, yet sensitive practitioner, using her broad knowledge base with her understanding of the way the human psyche works, to achieve a client’s health goals.

This successful and energetic, single mother of one, loves to work out, relax at the beach and is an avid reader and writer. She loves dance and the opportunity to move her body to any beat from ballet to hip hop.

Kate devours self-development courses, books and talks, enjoys lifting weights, yoga and meditation and is motivated to be the best she can be in life.  She lives her passion and is a super active outdoor person who inspires her clients to transform their lives and bodies from stagnancy to vital wellbeing.


More about her technical expertise..

If it matters to you, here is a list of her certifications;

Poliquin BioSignature Practitioner
Certificate 4 in Fitness
Kettlebells Level 1
Chek Level 1 Practitioner Training (Corrective High performance Exercise Kinesiology)
FMA Strength Training Level 1
Wellness Coaching Certification
Equal but not the same, Program design for women – Paul Chek
Advanced Program Design – Paul Chek and Charles Poliquin
Nutrition and Metabolic Typing Advanced Cert
CHEK Exercise Coach
Gravity Training System (Similar to Pilates reformer) Certification
Training Women- Paul Chek
Scientific Back Training – Paul Chek
Flatten your Abs forever – Paul Chek
Program Design – Paul Chek
Diploma of Remedial Massage
Scientific Core Conditioning – Paul Chek
ISSA (Int. Sports Science Association certification)
Sport and Rec Cert
Various other Rehabilitation and body work courses


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