Neck or shoulder issues? This might help

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A while ago I made a video series on rehabilitation exercises for the shoulder and neck.

If you have any neck or shoulder problems give these exercises a go… And of course see a professional for manual therapy if things don’t start to get better by themselves within a week or two.

Watch the entire series of exercises and aim for the reps mentioned in the comments. Each exercise should last for approx 40-60 seconds, but always just do what you can do with perfect technique.

Rest and aim for more reps the next time.

After a few weeks the issue or stability in your neck and shoulders should be starting to get better.

Remember that strengthening things comes after stretching anything which may be tight.

So in the case of your neck I’d suggest stretching your upper traps, by gently hanging your head to the side and also stretching your pec minor, this can be done by simply laying on the ground on your back for a period of 3-5 minutes (with your legs bent).

Eventually gravity will push your shoulders closer to the floor from the laying position, therefore stretching your pec minor.


Let me know how you go and if you have any questions at all.

until next time, xx Kate


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