Is fat gain caused by Nutrient deficiencies?

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It’s been a while since I wrote to you, so I hope you are doing well?! xx

For some reason as far as weight loss is concerned this topic keeps coming up for me. Maybe it’s just like how when you look out for a white car you want to buy, you see them everywhere..

Anyway back on the topic of deficiencies and fat loss. As you have no doubt noticed, it’s very easy to lose weight when you are younger, as you may already know and I have a theory for that, which I might add is getting more and more ‘proven’ by the ‘experts’ research.

Nutrient deficiencies from age, stress and babies!

(I’ll include a very large link to more research in the next email.)

What I really want to discuss today are some other facts which aren’t as well publicised in the media and those are that to ‘lose fat’ and keep it off, your body needs to be healthy. Healthy from a standpoint of being fully topped up in happy hormones, vitamins and minerals. Minerals which, some of our bodies are better at holding onto, as we age, or for genetic reasons, than others bodies.

Lots of things such as age, having babies and stress all play a huge rule in how our bodies metabolic functions cope. Post baby I was definitely in the ‘not coping’ category and you could tell this from the 40 odd Kilograms (90 pounds) I gained during pregnancy – which did not fall off.. anyway I digress.

Stress plays a huge role too in body fat reduction and can be attributed to the bodies natural metabolic processes of circulating unwanted ‘stress chemicals/cortisol’ taking place. Hence when you allow the body to de-stress you then allow fat loss… (I’m going to save more info on the ‘stress part’ for another blog post).

I truly believe that nutrient deficiencies are a key reason as to why some people lose weight faster than others.

You see nutrient deficiencies lead to poor overall health as the health of the body as the internal function of each cell is effected. In fact the entire digestive system as a whole is effected. (yep you know what I mean, the number ‘2’s’ start to slow down and/or not eliminate fully… and you can clearly see why having a gut full of that is not good for you and also means you are bloated..).

Now just think of each of your several trillion cells which you are made up of, not being able to ‘eliminate’ their waste products. Yep, you know what I mean… those little cells then get tired, slow and reproduce the next cell with less than efficient building blocks, hence speeding up the aging process.


So once the entire metabolic process slows down, more toxins circulate and we often gain weight. Weight loss, or fat loss is a metabolic process.  We grow and store fat cells is because our liver chooses to grow the fat cell, then shuttle toxins in there instead of allowing them to circulate through the blood stream and endanger the body. It’s the elimination of waste products and toxins, fast, that is pinnacle to being able to eliminate fat.

I hope you can see it’s not all about the calories?

The solution

Fancy supplements are not usually needed long term, however basics often are. They re-fuel the body with the essential nutrients we simply do not get from the soil anymore.

When our cells have the complete nutrients they desire they are then able to eliminate waste product in all forms from within our cells.

So how do you get ‘Healthy’ and re-mineralise your body.. To support your liver and all metabolic (especially elimination) functions.

Here we go I’m going to tell you what I did step for step post baby supplement wise (I’m going to piss a lot of high paid coaches off here).

I want to also state that every person is different and that to really conclude what you are deficient in you can have a blood test (and not the standard blood test your G.P will give you), but something from a specialist, reply to this email if you want some peoples details close to you where can do this.

My personal supplement list;

2 capsules of Hcl (500mg) during each main meal, to aid stomach acid production – The absolute KEY (in my opinion) to aid digestion and therefore absorption of nutrients, therefore enhancing fat loss.

9-12,000 mg of a dha/epa blend per day (fish oil) Spread through the day.

6 capsules of zinc (chelated form), spread through the day. Only taken with food.

4 capsules of magnesium (chelated forms) daily at night before bed.

30-40,000 iu of vitamin D, 2 x per week

Multivitamin (6 capsules daily) 3 with Breakfast and 3 with Lunch

1 dosage of an oestrogen reducing pea and rice blended protein shake per day.

This is not a prescription for you. All of these are very high dosages.

They worked/work for me.

Everyones situation is different and I need to say ALL supplements are VERY different quality. Make sure you use practitioner brand and a practitioner recommendation for you and always listen to your body. There was a few other things I included and rotate between having and not having but these were and still are the main (especially after times of stress for me – I often re-start them).

so where are you at yourself?

I’m interested to hear if you have any questions.


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